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Julia Seashell-eyes

Youthful light dweller of a small cottage.

27 June
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I am still young a century after the birth of my soul, in the time of exploration and colonization, of immigrant dreams and cautiously euphoric fruition. My soul was born of an Italian named Giovanni Sartore, cradled and schooled in the Elysian fields he willed into reality with only the power of his dreams and memories of little Lanzo Torinese. This pioneer age continues in charmingly marginalized hamlets, fueled by dogma and disenchantment. Modernity is perpetually novel, endlessly exhausting.

You can find me,
(this blue calico dress,
brown sweater,
puppy dog paw hands,
straw hair,
these feet, scarred and dirty,
muscles to and from endless wires and pitchforks)

you can find me here or there, talking like a child, feeling like an animal, growing like a weed.

I don't know what I am doing at Reed or anywhere else but my infinite corner of the Eola Hills, but I love every moment too much to ever regret it.

Blatant. Clandestine. Independent. Pensive. Whole-hearted. Laidback. Emotional. Impulsive. Stable. Indecisive. Inquisitive. Delighted.

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